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Cappadocia name used first time by the Persian as Katpatuka which means "the land of the beatifull horses". Hittite people also used the breed the horses in this region. Hitites were the first civilization; 1800 b.c to 1200 b.c. Then Thabals, Asyrian and Persians lived in here. Than Romans controlled this rocky land. Cappadocia was a refuge and a shelter for early Christians during the Roman and Byzantine period. Than the region becomes an important Christian teaching center. So that locals carved out over 300 cave churches and 30 underground cities.

Until 1924 local Christians and the Turks were living in this area together in the harmony atmospher.

The area is a geological poem written by time, by million yeared wind and water sweeping or softly sliding by. The hand that shaped these forms seems all but sentient, giving fantastic shape to a world not quite of this planet.

Yeni Yukseller Hotel is located in Ortahisar village, in Cappadocia. Ortahisar area is quite rich in examples of the earlier monastery life and the Ortahisar castle where used to be a dwelling area is now an interesting view point that could easily be climbed. The village is an active centre of culture and trade. The lemon produced in south coast of Turkey is kept in a natural atmosphere in underground storages carved into rocks.

Ortahisar, where opened for tourism first in the are, is famous for the hospitality of its inhabitants. The Yeni (New) Yukseller Hotel is a lively hotel in Cappadocia.

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