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Cappadocia is Turkey’s most visited area on account of its history because of its singularity and the strangeness of its lunar landscape. It is considered to be one of the wonders of the world. The history of Cappadocia begins with the eruption of two volcanoes Mt. Erciyes (Argeus) and Mt. Hasan. Lava covered the entire region changing the landscape. In the course of millennia rain and wind eroded the tufa creating unusual valleys, fissures, canyons and bizarrely shaped cones.  Dwellings were excavated inside the rocks and after the first Christians arrived churches and monasteries were also built. Numerous hermits and ascetics lived in the forgotten valleys.

The name given to Cappadocia by the Persians was "KATPATUKYA" which meant "the land of beautiful horses".

Yeni Yükseller Hotel is a brilliant hotel for a marvellous holiday in the historical, cultural and natural beauties, located in Ortahisar, center of Cappadocia.

     Kayseri Cad. Ortahisar Kasabasi
     50650 Urgup / Nevsehir / TURKEY
     Tel:(009) 0384 343 3450 - 343 3171
     Fax:(009) 0384 343 3451
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